rui !

[ she / her || pan ]
hi, i'm an undergraduate student studying medical assisting and i make minecraft skins (x16)!
i take commissions part-time, but all my f2u skins can be found on planetminecraft and skindex!

ㅤmangaㅤ goodnight punpun, bungo stray dogs, devil is a part-timer, way of the house-husband, spy classroom, jujutsu kaisen, wotakoi, angels of death: chapter 0
ㅤanimeㅤ madoka magica, chainsaw man, spy x family, attack on titan, trigun stampede, blue exorcist
ㅤmusicㅤ ado, ghost, glass animals, idkhbtfm, tally hall, miracle musical, mother mother, lizzie, ride the cyclone
ㅤcharactersㅤ levi ackerman, angel devil, chuuya nakahara, shouko komi, ranpo endogawa, isaac foster, nicholas d. wolfwood

dni & byi !

- basic dni criteria
- lots of drama
- infantilization / fetishization
- asks for personal info / doxing
- under 14 years old
ㅤ+ more

- ask to dm (friends/ commissions can bypass)
- adult (18+)
- i do swear believe it or not lol
- more active on discord

commissions !

- nsfw/gore
- mecha/armor
- hateful
- hyperrealism
- copying someone else's
- HD (WIP)

- humanoids
- animals/objects (depends)
- fanskins
- original characters
- light gore

base prices !

* add-ons can be found on the form
find more of my skins on planetminecraft

$15 || full skin
Whole new skin made from scratch
Requires 1+ visual reference

$7 || skin edit / reshade
Edit or reshade pre-existing skin in my style
Requires the skin file

$5 || skin base
Unshaded skin or outfit base
Requires 1+ visual reference

terms of service !

* note: the full TOS is found on my full info page linked above!

you, the client:
- must fully pay before receiving the final skin
- may not resell the skin in any way
- may use the skin in content creation (please credit me)
- will not receive full refund if you cancel after payment
- retain the rights to intellectual property (where applicable)
I, the skin artist:
- may cancel, delay, or refuse any commission for any reason
- will not claim intellectual property for any commission
- may post the commissioned work or images of it online and/or in my portfolio
- will give a full refund if I cancel commission after payment